Sirenia – Perils Of The Deep Blue

The sixth release of the Norwegians is a quite decent one.  The band that, since 2002, insists on performing symphonic metal and enriches each of their projects with some new elements, always gives good results. Not something excellent, however good enough.

Personally, the result of “Perils Of The Deep Blue” satisfied me, with most of its songs being well written and the very good performances, not only of the male brutal vocals but also of the female (toward mezzo) ones. I shall also highlight the great production of Endre Kirkesola. I believe that is what makes Perils Of The Deep Blue sounds so modern, in an era that this kind of music is about to become over-saturated, (perhaps it has already been saturated).
I suggest that the album is worth purchasing, it’s quite good, without elements of impression; however it’s really good musically. The cover of the album is even better, suits perfectly with the music and the lyrical part of the album.