Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path


The problem that has come about with the so called “Symphonic Female Fronted Metal” bands is that you will never really say that an album of the specific genre is ‘unbearable’. It is indeed a genre of such nature that can always provide you with a good melody and a decent orchestration which beautifully supports it.  This is an extra reason why we should be very cautious and much stricter when it comes to the evaluation of releases of the particular era. There are a vast number of bands and it is almost impossible to suggest the reader should buy all the ones we present with positive and even ‘godly’ comments.

One such case is “The Seventh Life Path”. These Norwegians are a well-respected band, but that’s that. Their pieces are good, but once again, that’s all there is. After listening to an album of eleven compositions I managed to pick out “Elixir” and “Contemptuous Quietus”, meaning a success of two out of eleven, which corresponds to a percentage of 18%. No, I would not recommend the new album of Sirenia. One could say that the album “is not too bad”; however, this music and this form of composition have been around for far too long in the last few years.  There is no personal touch, no innovation, nothing really special about it. For someone who is willing to make an investment of 20 euros on this specific kind of music,

I definitely have better album suggestions to make that will be of higher quality and interest.
Keeping the demands of the specific genre in mind, as well as being aware of the releases of other bands that have preceded, “Seventh Life Path” feels far too weak to me.