PRESS RELEASE: Is it possible to combine Heavy Metal and Classical?

Where feelings meet emotion, full of stories about the sirens and their hunger of flesh, words lying in the dungeons beneath the city’s unrest. We shall enter the halls of the mountain king, way beyond the doors of the dark by the grace of the witch, while flying in strange wings from the streets to the gutter, in a summer’s rain, we shall kill the winter, given the chance, rumor has it… If we all believe.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sirens… A Greek Savatage Tribute Band

Vocals: Jon Soti
Vocals: Dee Theodorou
Guitars: Nikos Tzavaras
Guitars: Giorgos Rallis
Piano/Keys: Alexandros Coronios
Bass: George Kritharis
Drums: Kostas Plakoutsis