They may have been absent from the recording industry for some years now, but they have always been in people’s hearts; people who are difficult to pinpoint in a specific music category. Every performance of Sisters Of Mercy in Greece becomes sold out, even when most people think that their audience have forgotten them.

 The… “doghouse”, so-called Gazi Music Hall, the same stage, which usually hosts ….masterpieces of the folk genre of our country, was chosen for the performance of the masters of gothic rock universally.
To start off, we were given the opportunity to see and listen to a rather interesting post punk band. Mani Deum gave a quite satisfactory performance which was well perceived by the roughly estimated 3000 people and justified their presence there as the support act to the headliners.

At 22.30 and after a short introduction, people are ecstatic at the sound of “More” in a slightly different to the original version. Andrew Eldritch and his bandmates seem to be at their best with excellent performing and with the assistance of an also superb light show enhancing the scenery for Sisters of Mercy performance.


The only cacophony (literary) was the sound. I happened to be at the balcony where the sound was quite dull and distorted for some time. These venues are not recommended for these kinds of concerts. The band themselves managed to bring out the feeling of such a performance, since the venue did not do them any favors and resembling more a gala event.   


During the ninety-minute set that we listened to there were many songs, twenty-two to be exact. However, songs like “Black Planet”, Marian” and “Walk Away” which have been loved by the Greek audience were not included in the set. Instead, hits like “Alice”, “Detonation Boulevard”, “No Time To Cry”, “Temple Of Love” “Lucretia My Reflection”, “Vision This”,  as well as “This Corrosion”, which also concluded the concert, shook up the ‘music thirsty’, from the looks of it, audience.  A reference should be made upon the performance of “Jihad”, a song from the time when Eldritch had formed Sisterhood.


It has probably been the best performance of Sisters Of Mercy, since the one of July 1997 at the football court of Rizoupolis, being part of the Rockwave Festival, and I hope that there will be many more to come. Besides, they have many supporters here…..
Dimitris Kazantzis
Setlist: More, Ribbons, Crash And Burn, Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard, Body Electric, Amphetamine Logic, Alice, Arms, No Time To Cry, Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover), Dominion/Mother Russia, Summer, Jihad, Valentine, Flood II, Something Fast, Lucretia MyReflection, Vision Thing, First And Last And Always, Temple Of Love, This Corrosion