I confess that my relationship with the modern US rock is at an elementary stage although I must admit that I am a big fan of such bands as Nickelback, Saliva, Goo Goo Dolls etc. Most likely, I wouldn’t have bought a few years ago the debut album by Sixx: A.M. if the mighty Nikki Sixx wasn’t the mastermind of the outfit. And surely, I wouldn’t have this prestigious release that made me anticipate with great agony and anxiety the next step by this superband (Sixx, Michael, DJ Ashba).

“This Is Gonna Hurt” is not only better and far more qualitative than its predecessor (a fact that makes it even more impressive taken into consideration “Heroin Diaries”’ high level) but it’s also multi-dimensional and musically challenging!
From the opening title track with its groovy riff (in the vein of Rob Zombie) and “Goodbye My Friends” with its melancholic mood and its beautifully twisted and peculiar structure through “Help Is On The Way” that would make those teenage girls/fans of Killers and Muse rip their clothes and throw them onto the stage and even U2’s bastard child “Oh My God”, the sophomore effort by Sixx: A.M. is nothing sort of spectacular and stunning! Just one last advise: “Play It Fucking Loud For Maximum Effect”!
Highlight: As with “Heroin Diaries”, Nikki Sixx accompanies this sonic assault with a book (this time a photographic memoir).