What started as a Nikki Sixx side project has been transformed into a regular outfit that has not only shaped its own trademark sound but it proves to be quite productive against the current trend of the trembling music industry. Truth being told here, after the debut album by SIXX: A.M. “The Heroin Diaries”, I wasn’t really taken by storm with the next couple of records. But fortunately it seems that 2016 can be easily named the “SIXX: A.M. Year” for all the hard rock fans around the world! You see, “Vol. 1, Prayers For The Damned” was astonishing but the huge revelation comes right now with the brilliant second part which is appropriately entitled “Vol. 2, Prayers For The Blessed”.

This is probably the most guitar-oriented, in your face and up-tempo record that SIXX: A.M. has ever released. Sixx writes some really clever lyrics, James delivers magnificent and passionate vocals while the big star of the new album is undoubtedly DJ Ashba whose guitar work is absolutely stellar! His solos and the overall guitar hooks fit perfectly on the songs which are by the way catchy as hell! “We Will Not Go Quietly”, “Barbarians” and “The Devil’s Coming” are the stand out tracks of an album which is as always crafted with the best production tools thus adding a monstrous sound!

I am of the opinion that with these two albums in a row by SIXX: A.M., the American supergroup has proved that it is not only a bunch of rock stars but most importantly a damn good team able to deliver excellent hard rock albums.

Highlight: Even the rendition of the classic “Without You” sounds like your typical SIXX: A.M. song.