Skeletal Remains is a relatively new band from California who release their third full-length album. The sticker on the CD wrote that this is for fans of Death, Asphyx and Pestilence, something that is rarely true but this time I can’t argue at all with that.

These guys recorded another album that pays tribute to the classic death metal sound, the one that was established by the mighty Death of the first period. Of course, there are also influences from the Dutch school of the aforementioned bands and also from the fury of Cannibal Corpse. Some tracks that stand out are “Seismic Abyss”, “Catastrophic Retribution”, “Grotesque Creation” and “Reanimating Pathogen” but in general you can listen to it all the way to the end without needing to skip any track. Also, there is an awesome cover of “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” from Cancer that is on the digipak version.

The production of Dan Swano is ideal, because it makes everything sound as is should be and also has an old-school feeling. Also, very nice cover from Dan Seagrave who I think got inspired from an older one that he made for Suffocation, as they look quite similar. “Devouring Mortality” is an excellent record for any occasion. Home, car, public transportations, beach, workplace. It soothes your nerves.