What a brilliant band! Without playing the same stuff as Blessed By A Broken Heart, both outfits had managed to impress me and create the same waves of enthusiasm to me with their unique and diverse style. Skinmask’s blend of hard rock, glam rock and (even) pop wonderfully “dressed” in a modern sonic outfit characterizes this self-titled EP that absolutely blows your mind!

This is a bunch of 6 dynamite songs that can’t get enough of them and personally I think that it is only a matter of months before the music Press gets a hold of them. At least, that’s my humble opinion as Skinmask rightfully deserves to be a well-known entity in the music business. “In Love Again” must be the standout moment of the record and as for the members of Skinmask…well, they are a sight to be seen! All dressed up and painted with a glam rock approach, a more updated version of David Bowie and a little bit (make that a lot more) flashy! Don’t be misled with all this…the guys can really play and put on a superb performance! I am already waiting for Skinmask’s full length opus.

Highlight: We Need To Shock The People…so, let’s Shock The People (Tu Pac, 1996). Skinmask does a damn fine job on this department.