“Second skin” is the second album of Snakecharmer, a British group in the ranks of which there are musicians such as Neil Murray, Micky Moody (both ex-Whitesnake), Adam Wakeman and Harry James (Thunder). Having listened to their first Snakecharmer album and having been pleased I was waiting forward for the sequel and I was not disappointed at all. High-level hard rock with many blues influences, very good compositions from veterans of the genre. Chris Ousey’s pure vocals are enraptured by backing female vocals and the result is beyond satisfactory. Their great advantage is that these guys know how to compose structured and easy-to-remember tracks because of the participation in all these very successful hard rock bands. All the tracks are very good and there no fillers, but if I had to choose songs that would be “That Kind Of Love”, “Follow Me Under” and “Dress It Up” are above the average. Luckily, there are such musicians that give us a whole album with a lot of quality music. They are highly recommended as one of the best hard rock proposals in the summer.