I am still trying to figure out how could a young band like Soldierfield managed to deliver such a powerful, dynamic, meaningful and inspired EP without any previous recording experience! Nevertheless, the British outfit of Soldierfield not only gives us one of the finest albums…well mini-albums of the year but also shows that if they carry at the same pace in 2013, then we will be talking about one of the most important ambassadors of modern metal!

Despite Soldierfield’s origin, their sound is firmly based on the other side of the Atlantic and the band seems to be really fond of bands like Machine Head, Disturbed, Pantera, Metallica. At least, that’s my perception of their music. The five songs on “Bury The Ones We Love” are distinguished by three remarkable characteristics: the first one is the sharp yet melodic guitar riffs courtesy of Andy Trott, the second one are the “in your face” gritty vocals of Leigh Oates and the third (and most important) one is the absolutely high level of the compositions that are undoubtedly well crafted in every aspect. And all these come packaged on a crystal clear production that makes the songs shine throughout the 25-minute duration of the EP.

It’s been a long time since I last heard such a qualitative work by a new band and I sincerely wish them all the best because Soldierfield has every potential of becoming the next big thing in modern metal! Keep an eye on them!

Highlight: The excellent cover artwork makes almost essential the purchase of the physical product. For more info log on to: www.soldierfieldband.co.uk .