Some watch movies, some cover the soundtracks…


Through quarantine and the obligatory stay at home, Chris Laney started a project called “At The Movies”, where he and other musicians will record songs from movies, each from his own home. The first video they uploaded is one of the most classic hard rock songs in a movie!

“What happens when you’re in quarantine? You watch a LOT of movies! That’s when Chris Laney realized how many fantastic soundtracks there are out there. After an online AW with Allan Sørensen, they decided to contact some friends to ask them to join in for some quarantine fun. “No Easy Way Out” (Robert Tepper) From Rocky IV is first out and features members from bands like: Soilwork, Hammerfall, King Diamond, Pretty Maids, The Night Flight Orchestra, Royal Hunt Björn Speed Strid- Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Chris Laney- Guitars, Backing Vocals Allan Sørensen- Drums Morten Sandager- Keyboards Pontus Egberg- Bass Pontus Norgren- Solo guitar This is just the beginning, stay tuned!” says Laney.