Something On 11 – Something On 11


This is a studio project from Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura and the Croatian virtuoso Allen Brentini. It’s most unlikely that they are taking this on the road, because of their other commitments and the pandemic I guess, but who know? Never say never.

Yes, I know when you listen to the words “an album by two guitarists” there’s cold sweat running on your back as you are expecting to listen to endless solos, improvisations, 200.000 notes per second, technic show off and other similar stuff that seem painful… well, that’s exactly what you won’t get on this album that’s written with emphasis to the songs and the melodies. Of course, there is a lot of experimenting, but there are no exaggerations and everything falls into a wonderful discipline and that proves to be in favour of the album and the listener.

Making an instrumental sound interesting to someone who is not a guitarist, or musician is an ability that those two guitar players undoubtedly have. One of the songs I liked the most was an instrumental that has the weird title “Andrew’s Hypothalamus” and another one was “Phil Of India”, where you can listen to some kind of traditional instrument, very similar to the Greek bouzouki.

So, that’s an interesting project to check out either if you like or you don’t like Evanescence, since it has nothing to do with that band and its style.