This album is gonna be the Greek band’s sophomore. I met with Dion (vocals, guitar) to do that interview we’d scheduled and whilst sitting, he gave me the album, in order to write the review… This songs bouquet was recorded over their own CFN Recording Studio and the band has promoted the forthcoming album by releasing a four-song promo a while ago.

Black Rock, darkened Rock, bitter guitars and keyboards, Dion’s vox sound ironic, thunderous, wild and rough. Kicking off with “hit” song “Mistress of desire”; we know about it, we heard it over the promo. This is a track which gets you from second one. Sorrowful Angels do know how to compose songs that can by catchy as well. “Shores of capture” is a classic example; it’s basically a tasty combination of an “easy to listen” chorus and dark melody. “Seven” is a regular killer, talking about a furious tune! Surely the boys have many influences, yet their songs feature many more of their own stuff. It’s certain you will pick up the Paradise Lost shades, on the other hand though – something that was underlined during the interview – you will also remember bands the likes of Killswitch Engage… I even spotted some Megadeth particles – riffwise!

Thus, having a bunch of fantastic songs in their arsenal, including a fabulous cover on “Mourn” (Apoptygma Berzerk), the band that many portray as one of the most upcoming in the country, is back to submit their new proposal, adding more and more to Greek discography. Legend records is releasing the album digitally whist the band will take care of the “physical” form release. We wish the boys the best for the future!