Sorrows Path was formed by Takis Drakopoulos (bass) and Kostas Salomidis (guitar) back in November 1993. Both being inspired by bands like Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass and shortly after Angelos Ioannidis (vocals) and Kostas Farmakis (drums) joined them.

On January 1995 “Sorrows Path”, the band’s first demo came out, followed by a tape released in May 1996 simply entitled “Promo 96. Kostas Salomidis, was almost paralyzed because of a neck problem which was caused a few years ago by a devastating motorcycle accident, so had the band a 7 year break!

By the end of 2005 the band was back in action. On April 2006 Sorrows Path hit the stage after 9 whole years as the opening act for the Texan masters of Doom Metal, Solitude Aeturnus. On the very next day the remasters were out by Eat Metal Rec. entitled “Resurrection”.

Rock it Up Records to release first full CD “The Rough Path of Nihilism” on Oct. 2010. 2011 was a year of positive worldwide feedback for Sorrows Path album and their unique mixture of doom metal with power & progressive elements. The established logo artist Christophe Szpajdel also was inspired by the band and create their new logo! By the end of March 2013, the recordings of the album plus a cover for Black Sabbath classic “Killing Yourself to Live” (released by Greek Metal Hammer) were completed. In Sept. 2014 the second CD got out, named “Doom Philosophy” first time via Iron Shield records! After the release, a lot of concerts and festivals are played by the band and now it’s time for the new, and one more time, great CD “Touching Infinity”! Let’s doom!

1. Intro To Infinity
2. Fantasies Will Never Die
3. Leneh
4. My Chosen God
5. Metaphysical Song
6. The Subconscious
7. Beauty
8. Forgiveness
9. Revival Of Feminine Grandeur
10. Touching Infinity
Total Playing Time: 37:21 min

Stavros Giannakos – bass
Angelos Ioannidis – vocals
Fotis Mountouris – drums
Kostas Salomidis – guitars
George Vichos – guitars