Heleno Vale is a Brazilian drummer, who actually conceived the idea for (one more) Metal opera, back in 2008. Debut album, entitled “A legacy of honor”, was completely a Brazilian artists gathering, however, this specific project received major feedback, it became an international sensation and the next one, “The labyrinth of truths”, became a huge project, featuring artists such as Zachary Stevens, Jon Oliva, Ripper, Edu Falaschi. Two years after their sophomore, Vale and the gang are back with the… successor, along with some amazing musicians again. Tim “Ripper” Owens, Blaze Bailey, Michael Vescera, Amanda Sommerville, Markus Grosskopf. Mighty Miro (Avantasia, Kamelot, Rhapsody) is the master of the album mastering.

Power Metal to the power of infinite, thunderous keyboards and storming double bass drumming and a bunch of splendid voices here and there. The best recipes of the “species” are all gathered here. Superb ideas by Vale and stupendous performances; I’m listening to “To crawl or to fly” now and I just can’t get enough of those magical passages and that lil’ riffing resembling “Massacre” a bit. Ehm, those of you listening to the title track though… Don’t you think Ripper’s voice was somehow in the back?

“Change the tide”… Mighty-mighty, featuring immense running and crazy riffing. The keys, the themes, the speed! Speaking of the story of the album, it’s mostly about conflicts between the characters. There is a whole garden of characters, from Achilles, the mightiest mythological warrior ever, to vampires and dead trees and various “things” wondering around, even Egyptian gods! I’ve also checked the live dates and I only saw some in Brazil. Dear Heleno, can you make sure that certain peeps will make sure that this opera will cross the pond?