This what I love in music most of all! With only 8 euros (+ some beers) you can travel nice and easy from Greece to the south of USA, to hard rockin blues and southern rock (that Greeks love so much)…

“back to the roots …”

With a small delay a little bit after 21:00 Black Odyssey opened the night. The band is around for almost a decade now but they haven’t released any album yet so most of us didn’t know much about them. Traditional heavy metal, mostly mid tempo rhythm and dark lyrics, they seem to walk in the ways of DIO while the vocals remind me  a lot of Jorn Lande (and Coverdale obviously). Their setlist was based on compositions that they are going to have on their upcoming debut album while near the end of their (50 minute long) show they played a nice cover of “Heaven And Hell” that pleased everyone (although their own stuff is good enough anyway.

setlist: White Ship / Bless me father for I have sinned / Black Mamba / Resurrect your soul / All you Zombies /  Heaven and Hell / When the knight falls

“live for today / unchain yourself…”

At 22:30 the club was almost full when Rusty Bonez got on stage. It’s a great Athenian heavy rock band that was having a blast and that pushed the fans to dance with their groove. They played for 40 minutes, mainly songs from their album “Wrath”. Great dirty riffing, catchy vocals (kudos to Nontas!), ideal gig for some beers… or as they say «drink the day and swallow the night…»

setlist: burn the sun / broken mold / scream of souls / nameless hero / ball n’ chain / wrath / grub / king of the road / goldman shagged

“I’m going mad, the road is black…”

Just before midnight (this scourge will never end) lights went out and headliners got on stage. Although I’ve seen  Soundtruck before I always thought they deserve their own headline show and this night was a great chance as they had a release party for their great new album “Voodoo”. Everything was set, people was looking forward while the addition of two female singers at the back of the stage for backing vocals showed how important this gig was for the band too. Kick off with “Senorita” but the truth is that their machine needed 2-3 songs until it got into full throttle. It seems some technical problem with the vocal level kept them low but it was fixed quickly and after that they gave a great show. The setlist was satisfying, beers kept coming and southern rock became again the best music in the world…

setlist: senorita / feels like home / ride on / that lady / time to change / goliath / train / sweet little baby / on the run / high / wind is blowing / stay / whiskey in the jar / calling / six round weapon / voodoo woman / take it easy / heading your way / let there be rock / straight to hell
® live report/photographs: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos