Soundtruck – Voodoo


This is the second album for the Greeks after a long gap between their debut (7 years) that comes to pick up the pace from where they band stopped.

New singer Romanos Alexandros puts his mark immediately on the songs with his raspy voice. Their sound remains into classic rock territory with a rich Southern flavor, while the production seems a bit more modern than their last one.

The album kicks off with “Senorita” which puts you into the spirit with its groovy melody. It could be a link between their first album as it brings in mind “Straight To Hell” and “Ride On”. Then you’ve got the heaviest song on the album “Heading Your Way” that brings out a more aggressive style that suits the band very much, just like the transition to a more ‘70s style, with “The Wind Is Blowing” that reminded me of the mighty Eagles.

“Time To Change” slows things down until the guitar solos, where with the touch of  a pedal the song transforms. From then on the album moves to medium tempos and the ballad “Stay” is a highlight. “Voodoo” main characteristic is the amazing job on guitars; they make every song unpredictable and it’s a true to joy to listen to every single solo. I can’t wait to listen to this material on stage, where I believe it will have even greater dynamics.