Spellbound Spellbound


Spellbound is a new band from Greece (most specifically from the Greek island Siros) that attempts its first bold steps in the music business. We received this 3-track demo, here at Rockpages, and this was quite a pleasant surprise to us as the songs are well-crafted and the musicianship is of high standards. The first thing that you really notice upon the sheer listening of the mini CD is the professionalism of Spellbound. The band has worked hard and they have made sure to notice even the slightest detail in order to present a great sonic result.

In addition, the female vocals combined to the heavy melodic guitar riffs and the catchy choruses breathe a fresh air to a much contrived genre thus showing that Spellbound can easily compete with the top female-fronted bands.

And just in case you are wondering, Spellbound’s style is in the close vicinity of such bands as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil and the female vocals are not operatic (thank God for that) while the band doesn’t include symphonic elements in the compositions. I believe, wholeheartedly, that you should give a chance to Spellbound because they deserve it! The guys (and girl) mean business!

Highlight: This mini CD can be acquired with the purchase of the excellent magazine Forgotten Scroll (April issue) and it will be released very soon via Hourglass Productions.