Sungods In Exile – Normalityville Horror

Somewhere between Alice Cooper, KISS, and Twisted Sister you will find Spit Like This, an English band that serves rock in its most shocking incarnations, as well as punk, or Glam Punk Rock, as they call it very well for the last ten years, 6 EP’S and 2 full length albums.

On “Normalityville Horror” you will get an idea of what the band is all about, which is hard riffs, lack of melody, Lord Zion’s trademark vocals that will remind you of Dave Vanian of the Damned, as well as the Cult’s Ian Astbury, and…paranoia that won’t let you pigeon-hole them, because they are totally unpredictable! In total contrast with their classically structured songs that go from bridge to chorus, you will find a couple that don’t fall into that category, but are longer in duration and there is a lot of things going on inside them! Listenint to the album in full you will make up your mind about the band’s influences since they become more evident and include gothic, sleaze, and metal, as well as bands like Queen, the Cramps, even Rob Zombie!

If you really like the Wildhearts, and British new wave and punk, and you haven’t discovered them yet, you should check them out!