Staind is a rather characteristic case of a band that has sold millions of albums in USA and still doesn’t seem able to find an access to the European, Japanese and Australian audiences. Having pointed down that fact, Staind releases its self-titled 7th studio album (the trend continues with all those outfits releasing after a while a self-titled album) and I must confess that the band burns the bridge with his past. Nevertheless, the continue in the same path that they paved three years ago with “The Illusion of Progress”. The band’s frontman Aaron Lewis seems to have contained its anger and his revolutionary spirit –after all, one can only be a 20-year youngster once in his life…let alone the fact that Lewis is now married with children- and this is obvious to Staind’s sound which is definitely more mature.

There is even a song in there (“Something To Remind You”) that could have easily been recorded by 3 Doors Down and would have broken the hearts of all the college boys and girls in the States. All in all, Staind is on the right direction and should keep that course if they want to continue a long and productive career without being caved in their past sound.

Highlight: What a superb cover…