Steel Panther – Lower The Bar


A brand new album from the “Gods” of comedy metal is been out sooner than what was expected. “Lower The Bar” was released in March of 2017, but I didn’t want to hurry writing a review since Steel Panther is a very “special” band.

Musically, they definitely belong to the glam metal genre. Their first album had songs that there were so good, that they should be on the first place on the US Billboard. Especially if this was the 80s…

If I have to judge them for their lyrics, then they stand on their own, with Lonely Island and Tenecious D following. The lyrics are always around the same subject. Fat girls, Sex, Bimbos etc. I started listening to Steel Panther from day one, when they released “Feel The Steel” which I think is the best one so far. I have to say that I don’t find the lyrics so funny anymore. Of course, if I got the chance I would definitely go to see them live for the 5th time. The stand up comedy during the show is probably the best part of the show.

Τhe first interaction I had with the new album was with the video clip “Poontang Boomerang”, which I tend to believe that is really weak. When you have “Death to All But Metal”, “Εyes Of The Panther” and  “Community Property” to compare , then your expectations are high.
The track that I found amusing was one of the video clips, “I Got What You Want” which made my day when I heard the amazing lyric part

“Well you can date a thousand guys

But what I got between my thighs

Is like the sun cause it’s always hot

And like a compass it always points to your g-spot”.

When I listened to this song it took me back to the times that I used to love Michael Starr’s humor. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that interesting in the rest of the album. For the older fans of Steel Panther, “Lower The Bar” is a mediocre album. For the newer fans, it’s a good start, but when they listen to the 3 albums before that, then they might understand the reason I don’t feel that passionate about this one.

Steel Panther still are one of the best metal bands of the last decade and its totally acceptable to have one average album, since they already have 3 “best sellers”!

After all, don’t forget that record companies always push for a new album and that sometimes ends up in an average result.

We Love them no matter what!