Steel Temple – Nobody’s Slaves


The truth is that I don’t get many releases originating from the former Yugoslavian republics. Let alone from Skopje. So it was a very pleasant surprise meeting Uros Veljkovic, the drummer of Steel Temple and this acquaintance led to this review of the band’s second studio album (and the first one in English). 12 years passed since the debut album of the band and in between the group appeared in several compilations, released a few singles and played many shows (supporting Whitesnake in one of them!). Even though the band doesn’t originate from an advanced country in terms of heavy metal culture, it has managed to present a well-rounded and well executed result that falls on the category of melodic gothic metal with progressive elements. An accurate reference point would be recent Kamelot. The average speed is mid-tempo and most of the attention is given to the creation of the right atmosphere with the keyboards playing an essential and starring role. All songs unravel within reasonable durations and the result is not tiring, instead it flows gradually and pleasantly.

It’s worth mentioning that Nobody’s Slaves is going to be released on vinyl, making it the first heavy metal vinyl release to come out of Skopje!