In an interview iwth Mitch Laffon, Stephen Pearcy was asked if he thinksthere will ever be a follow-up album to RATT’s 2010 CD, “Infestation”, Pearcy said: “It’s a little too late for that. I doubt [it will happen]. Time has passed. Warren [DeMartini, guitar] and I were actually working on music, and there is a song that we actually recorded. And if it sees the light of day, I would be very proud of it, and he would too. We finished it, and it’s done, recorded. And if that’s it, that’s it. But I don’t see any future in RATT and moving on. There’s too much unresolved stuff, and it’s okay. There’s other things going on, and there’s no need for that. I’m happy with the legacy. We’re all doing different things. As a matter of fact, Juan Croucier, the original bass player of RATT… him and I will be, actually, doing a project later in the year — later in the year after I’m done touring. He’s come out and jammed with me many times, but I think we’re gonna do a whole another project. It won’t interfere with my solo stuff and my band, but we will be working on something real soon.”