Stephen Pearcy – View To A Thrill


First things first…I am a big Ratt fan and I am a huge fan of the James Bond franchise. So, one can easily gather that when Stephen Pearcy announced –a few months ago- that the release of his solo album was imminent and it would be called “View To A Thrill”, I had every reason to be happy. After all, the title and the cover artwork was a fine tribute to the great 007. Thankfully, our expectations were met and the album kicked ass! Yes, I know…everybody is aware of the well-documented pitiful Pearcy performances with Ratt. But the truth is that the guy has come up with some well-crafted songs and his work in the studio really paid off as the songs are really impressive.

“View To A Thrill” is exactly what the average Ratt fan needed: sleazy, melodic, up tempo songs that remind us all of the glorious 80s days and the classic Ratt sound (circa 1984-1989). Pearcy fires in all cylinders and any possible vocal weakness can’t be traced in the studio environment. As a matter of fact, it’s really a shame (shame shame) that we won’t get to see a new Ratt record in the future (although, we should never say “never”).

“I’m A Ratt” and “Dangerous Thing” openly flirt with the “Detonator” era while “Sky Falling” and “U Only Live Twice” –apart from the obvious Bond connotations- could have easily fit in “Out of the Cellar (with a slice of Arcade in there for good measure). All in all, “Second Coming” is an album destined to be enjoyed in high volume while driving down to Sunset Boulevard for a party at the Rainbow Bar & Grill Club. Do you really need anything more…? I didn’t think so!

Highlight: “A View To A Kill” was the last Bond film with Roger Moore as 007. Moore remains the sole actor that had portrayed the most famous secret agent in more movie pictures than anyone else.