Steve Augeri – I thought this record would be my last chance on EarthSteve Augeri –


Steve Augeri is not only an excellent singer but – as you will see in the interview he gave us via Zoom – a genuinely polite man and an overall down-to-earth character. It sounds unbelievable but after so many years in the spotlight with bands like Tall Stories, Tyketto and of course Journey, he released his first solo album this year, the excellent “Seven Ways ‘Til Sunday” which easily claims a place in the best albums for 2023.

Steve breaks down all the details and explains why now was the right time to release his first solo album. At the same time, he takes us back in time to his collaboration with Journey and doesn’t fail to give us details of the difficult years he went through and how much they affected his family. The icing on the… cake was Steve’s memories of his old neighborhood in Brooklyn, where the famous scene with John Travolta walking down the street with two slices of pizza from the legendary Lenny’s Pizza was filmed! And not only this, as you will see below…

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