Steve Hackett – Live Rails

Who am I really to pass a judgment on or criticize Steve Hackett? Additionally, this is not a brand new studio album but a live on, so my job becomes even more difficult because I truly bow down and pay my respect to the man’s songs (both with Genesis and his solo career). I also stand in awe with his absolutely flawless technicality and overall performance while you don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the aforementioned fact and the unique sentiment that the band creates on stage! By the way, here are Hackett’s prestigious collaborators: Nick Beggs, Gary O’ Toole, Roger King, Rob Townsend! All of them are magnificent and Hackett’s voice remains in great shape.
Listening to “Live Rails” is really a ritual for all of Genesis and Hackett fans and I must say that this could easily be a live album by Genesis. You should definitely buy this album without any hesitation from one of the forerunners of prog rock music.