Stormwarrior – Heathen Warrior

We are watching them blossom and we are deeply satisfied. Within just nine years of album releasing (first LP was released in 2002), they’ve managed to accomplish so many things… Fourth studio album, signed up with a huge label, appearing in major festivals, featuring tons of melody! The quartet continues to play the music that fans loved them for and these boys are true to their cause. Thus, they keep following the recipe of success by doing the production themselves and leaving mixing for grand Tommy Hansen.
Lil’ intro is about to end. Then the title track is on and Stormwarrior attack ferociously. Top gear, double bass drumming, melody and Lars’ characteristic voice. Before you can even breathe and try to find out what hit you, they revert with “The ride to Asgard”; same motif. We have written about the way they play, it’s that “Running Wild taste”, mainly because of the speed thing, however, this time the band is behaving more Maidenish, more Acceptish, by throwing some amazing twin guitar melodies and thematic parts… “Fyre & Ice” (yeah, that’s the spelling, folks!) is a bit more mid tempo, it sounds majestic, a really impressive song, with those melodies driving us nuts. I’m listening to “Wolven Nights” now… You just HAVE to listen to the opening of the track and the way, later on, lead vox and backing vocals are combining and getting married…

I’m sure that all those peeps into the band, they all gonna love this album and proudly recommend it. These guys are serious, real pros, they give us some fantastic music and as for their melodies… Well… You just have to listen to them all!