The Finns are among the cases that since many years have stayed to what they have done in the past and don’t want or can’t leave behind all these which gave them a pretty good name since the mid 90’s and for a decade. The result is that they have been stagnant in a rather out of date music with moderate albums which succeeded the “Elements” in 2003 and nothing new to present.

The truth is that their new album “Eternal”, is much better than “Elysium” and “Nemesis” which preceded, mainly in terms of composing.

“My Eternal Dream”, “Lost Without A Trace”, “Few Are Those” and “Man In The Mirror” are tracks able to rock the fans of power metal. They are good songs and save the band from its stagnant situation which lasted for over ten years. Of course, don’t expect innovations and great ideas. Kotipelto and his band write and play as they always did. Simply, Eternal is probably their best release after the two “Elements”. A good album that gives them life extension and a reason for us to go and see them live.

“Eternal” won’t manage to gain the acceptance of a classic album by Stratovarius neither of course the power metal stage, but worths to give it a chance. It’s good to support bands that have offered something.