Striker – Armed To The Teeth

Metal! It’s so easy to describe the music these mighty Canadians play, all you have to do is use just one wor(l)d! These super dudes are releasing their sophomore album (they’ve also released an ΕΡ) and the music we get to indulge in is fast and breathtaking Metal of the highest classification. “Forever” enters first, speedy and all, featuring a certain piratical hype, just this one, and this super voice comes out, escorted by equally superb backing vocals over chorus.

Album production is exquisite, only huge budget projects and big bands can achieve such quality. Songs are fantastic, totally hitting perfection, the only thing left to do is get prepared for the merciless headbanging to follow. “Let it burn” is a typical Metal anthem, fast and staccato, our own guide for the beating we’re about to encounter. It’s time for “Lethal force” and some seconds of low tempo, till we’re back inside the grindstone. Did I tell you the voice is amazing? I did, huh? The guy is so gifted!  

Influenced by Maiden and Saxon, influenced by Annihilator and Exciter, these five Metal dudes are bolstering four-minute songs and mess with our scalp! The boys are crazy about Metal, especially with the 80’s, the best Metal period ever! Guitars roaring, pauses and tutti’s and unique themes and then… it’s “Fight for your life”! I’m just astonished, these songs are made of stainless steel!

“Wolf Gang” is a thunderous melody. The song sounds German and it will drive many fans to the wall (or is it through the wall?). This is the river wild of riffing, guitar attack and wise motifs. This one is amongst the best albums of the year and I simply hope lots of fans pay attention to it, in order to find out more about this splendid band! Btw, for all the vinyl lovers out there… Should you prefer the gatefold, you’ll receive a bonus track!