Stryper Postpones Tour


STRYPER has postponed most of its previously announced shows in September to next year for “economic” and “other reasons.”

“Unfortunately there were some economic cards stacked against us. Anyone in the music business will tell you about the Tour Bus and Labor shortage out there. We’re feeling it first hand. The Tour Bus business is like the housing market right now with 10 times more bands trying to rent buses than are available. And you’ve seen the cost of gas lately. When you’re putting 10,000+ miles on a bus, as we were planning to do, gas prices absolutely matter for a tour like ours. There are some other issues at hand as well that played a part in our decision to postpone the tour.

“We can tour MORE markets in the Spring. Due to the oversaturation of the touring industry right now, we honestly had a tough time hitting some of the cities we wanted to play this year. But by moving this to the Spring it will allow us to play MORE cities.