We saw that too. We experienced that too. And apparently, we will see it and experience it again. New rules at the concerts, but that did not stop a lot of people from going to Technopolis to finally see a metal band after so long that it looks like years. What if it was a Thursday in the middle of a heat wave? It did not matter.

And really, how much we missed it all. Seeing friends and acquaintances after a long time. Seeing these very cheesy guys who are waiting for a concert to get the most whatever clothes out of their closet. To hear all those who probably returned from a shift in the farmer’s market screaming on their own at an unsuspecting time. All this in contrast to the numbered and screwed on the floor chairs (in pairs), the requests to wear masks and stay seated as well as a question we never expected to hear at a metal concert: “Have you made a table reservation?”.

But enough with the prologue. Suicidal Angels had a huge appetite for…destruction. They entered the stage and launched a thrash attack. With mediocre sound in the beginning that got a lot better very quickly, with an amazing light show that was even more impressive during the night, with an excessive hunger to share their music again with their fans. There was not a single minute during that night that was not worth it. Even the always annoying (for me) guitar solo when the band was resting, had more magic after Gus Drax played the opening riff of the immortal “South Of Heaven” and made the audience scream.

The setlist was based on the band’s latest great album, “Years Of Aggression”, to which, of course, the fans reacted extremely well. The sing-along in the opening guitar melody of “Bloody Ground” or the loud voices in the refrains of “Endless War” and “Born Of Hate” are typical examples. Of course, the necessary additions were made from the rich discography of the band. Everything was perfect, whether they played mid-tempo songs like “Beggar Of Scorn” and “Seed Of Evil” or fast dynamites like “Bloodbath” and “Bleeding Holocaust”.

As for the fans? They responded to the requests in the best way. As difficult as it was to sit in your chair watching this extraordinary band destroying the stage. Orpheas (drums) had also said in his interview with us that he believed that people would do what they should. Nick (guitar, vocals) and a security guard (!) also thanked us for this after the end of the concert. For better or worse, these were the instructions and had to be followed for things to go smooth. A different setting with dozens of heads rocking rhythmically while lined up in chairs as if watching theater. The only thing out of the plan was that some people got up and started headbanging next to their seats and the end with the mighty “Apokathilosis” found us all standing, screaming and deifying a band that gave everything on stage.

In conclusion, this particular night was really worth it. The quality of Suicidal Angels is unquestionable, both in terms of music and stage presence. Even people who openly expressed their disgust for the chairs, came, banged their heads, sweated and when the lights were turned on you saw smiling faces that had a much better time than they expected. To my humble opinion, at the moment it does not matter if we will be seated or not. As long as there are excellent bands who work hard. As long as we listen live to the music we love, since the emotions of a concert are unique. And soon enough things will return to normal when this madness we live in ends. Thanks Suicidal Angels. See you again, next time with better conditions. To reinstate the wall of death tradition during “Moshing Crew”.

George Terzakis

Setlist: Endless War, Born Of Hate, Years Of Aggression, Frontgate, Eternally To Suffer, Bloody Ground, Bloodbath, D.I.V.A., Capital Of War, Seed Of Evil, Reborn In Violence, Beggar Of Scorn, Bleeding Holocaust, The Sacred Dance With Chaos, Moshing Crew, Apokathilosis