Every time Mike Muir decides to enter the studio with Suicidal and record new songs, you can bet your bottom dollar for three sure things: a) it will be stomping and thunderous, b) it will include magnificent lyrics, c) it will show the young musicians how the big boys do it! “World Gone Mad” includes all of the above and it proves to be a worthy successor of the excellent “13” album that was released three and a half years ago.

“World Gone Mad” is exactly what we expected from Muir and Co. This is a crossover juggernaut that stands somewhere in between “Lights…Camera…Revolution” and “13”. The opening track, “Clap Like Ozzy”, sets the pace while the follow up “The New Degeneration” is absolutely mind-blowing with Muir writing some of his best lyrics to date regarding the overall apathy of the new generation. “Get Your Fight On” and “One Finger Salute” are guitar-driven and surely two of the absolute highlights of the album. Dave Lombardo has given a notable boost to Suicidal and it’s interesting to see him play outside of his familiar territory (although, any territory is appropriate for Lombardo).

To sum it up, this is a classic Suicidal record although a small step below of the flawless “13”. Let’s just hope that this isn’t the last we heard of by the Suicidal guys as Muir has implied in one of his latest interviews.

Highlight: The album closes with a different approach of “This World”; a song that we first listened to “13”.