Do you remember the classic movie with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor where they played the role of a deaf and blind person? Well, if you haven’t seen it, go rent the movie…trust me! Nevertheless, with the new Sunstorm record, the blind will see the light of day and the deaf will regain their hearing sense once again as the Melodic Rock Messiah is back! For the uninitiated in the melodic rock genre, some basic info is necessary: Sunstorm is the band led by the legendary Joe Lynn Turner; “Emotional Fire” is their third opus and as with every single release by J.L. Turner, this one is also extraordinary!

The essential difference between “Emotional Fire” and its two predecessors is the fact that it includes a few gems from the 80s that were originally performed by Michael Bolton and Cher and featured Joe Lynn Turner as a backing singer. Most specifically, “Emotional Fire”, “Gina” and “You Wouldn’t Know Love” were first recorded in the late 80s and if I had to be bluntly honest here, I’d say that the original versions were just a little bit superior. Not that these ones are bad (after all, this is Turner we are talking about) but the production this time cannot compete at all the with illustrious production by Desmond Child.

As for the rest of the songs, well…all of them bear the familiar to all of us 80s atmosphere –that only Turner can recreate so accurately- and all you have to do is search on YouTube for the songs “Lay Down Your Arms” and “Emily”…you will find yourself scouting all over the net to buy the album! Now, all that’s left is a similarly sounding solo album by Mr. Turner!

Highlight: A friend of mine wrote that everything that Turner touches becomes gold; he has the Midas touch! Couldn’t agree more!