Joe Lynn Turner was, is and always be one of my favorite singers ever as his voice has marked permanently some of the most important songs in rock history. Yes, it’s true that his choices in the last few years when it comes down to live shows might be unfortunate but we cannot help but hoping for a complete reshape of his live set, as the man himself insinuated in his recent interview to Rockpages. In addition, each Sunstorm release guarantees –almost beforehand- a powerful melodic rock result. So the question lies: is the fourth installment in the Sunstorm catalogue a worthy addition to the series or not?

Turner has stated many times recently that this is the best Sunstorm album yet this is only natural as many artists are inclined to such comments when there is a new album in the market. On the hand, I believe that this is a respectful and honest effort which, unfortunately, doesn’t reach the qualitative level of its three predecessors. The problematic issue is not the quality of the compositions themselves but the overall generic and detrimental style of writing by the keyboardist/guitarist Alessandro Del Vecchio (who is the main songwriter of the album). Without any sign of exaggeration, every single song on “Edge Of Tomorrow” could have easily fit on any artist of the Frontiers roster. True story! Here’s the real problem: Joe Lynn Turner is a legend and doesn’t need to depend on people who may have pure intentions but all the do in the end is “help” him lose his musical identity. Please note that we are not referring to his excellent voice but on the compositional aspect of the record.

I am of the opinion that Turner should have worked with someone who would honor his illustrious past by retaining a personal stamp; an identity. I also believe that songs like “Nothing Left To Say”, “The Darkness Of The Dawn”, “Tangled In Blue” etc. are good but on the other hand won’t make you listen to them again in a few months (let alone, years). And that’s the main difference with the three previous Sunstorm albums.

Highlight: The video clip for the title track was filmed in the countryside of Greece (Vikos Canyon).