Sweet Oblivion Feat. Geoff Tate – Sweet Oblivion Feat. Geoff Tate


A  beautiful album sleeve, with a dreadful band logo would usually make a CD become indifferent to someone browsing with his fingers the stock of a record shop, unless it had the tag “feat. Geoff Tate”.

The booklet doesn’t contain any detail about who wrote the music and the songs, there are no pictures of the band, except from three showing Tate. It’s surprising how Frontiers let such a terrible layout to be released.

Fortunately, all those can be set aside when you listen to the first notes of “True Colors” that opens the album. Sweet Oblivion, who must be Italians, judging from their names, play melodic power metal with a touch of progressive metal.

The album is wonderful. Great riffs, cool dual guitars, amazing choruses and a solid tracklist of ten songs are what the album is all about. Geoff Tate shows that he is great shape with his magical and above all theatrical voice.

I am sure that melodic metal and Geoff Tate fans will find this album exciting. I suspect that the main songwriter is Simone Mularoni, the band’s guitarist and bassist, who also took care of the production. It’s a real shame that there are no sleeve notes (not even at Sweet Oblivion’s website) for such a great album that I enjoyed so much listening.