‘Underworld’ by Symphony X could very well be the metal release of the year, standing proudly next to ‘The Divine Wings of Tragedy’ and ‘Paradise Lost’ in the band’s discography. Michael Romeo never ceases to amaze with his ability to compose complex yet catchy compositions, shooting off dozens of intricate riffs and solos in the process. Furthermore, he takes advantage of Russell Allen’s amazing voice better than anyone else.

The title track, as well as ‘Kiss of Fire’, should be taught in rhythm guitar seminars, whereas ‘Without You’ is a great ballad, bringing Fates Warning to mind during the intro. ‘To Hell and Back’ is what Symphony X is all about: Beautiful themes by Michael Pinnella, an epic chorus and a middle section that takes off unexpectedly. ‘Swansong’ also deserves to be mentionned, mostly due to its vocal melodies, just before the prog/power tone of the finale of ‘Legend’.

Give ‘Underworld’ the time it deserves; You will be rewarded.