System Decay






System Decay is a Greek band that has a seven-year presence in the underground scene with lots of memorable moments. Participation in the Greek finals of the Battle of the bands, lots of live shows and now their debut full length album.

“Beneath my Flesh” is the track that introduces us to the sound of the band. It is a modern thrash metal song with a really nice-catchy and melodic chorus. Generally the album is filled with melodic and angry riffs made famous by the Scandinavian music scene.

The riffs are very well written and combined really well with the raw sounding drums. The production values are as good as they should be to transfer the heavy sound with a modern and a bit of oldies-80s feel.

The only thing I found difficult to handle was the vocals. In the melodic choruses the singer does a great job and really helps the songs, but in the more aggressive and harsh moments he sounds like he is forcing himself a little too much.

Nonetheless the debut album “No Tomorrow” is a really good first album by the Greeks who seem to have a big appetite for work. Lets hope they will sign a deal with a record label so that they can focus on their writing and we’ll hear news from them soon.