Tainted Nation – On The Outside


Ιf you think that the last Ozzy album was awesome then keep on reading this review.

Tainted Nation exists from 2012 and it’s based in England. Although you might have never heard the name of the band before you definitely know the musicians from their other hard rock and metal bands. The drummer of Tainted Nation is Mark Cross known for playing with Helloween, Κingdom Come, Outloud and Firewind. The voice and the mastermind behind the band is Pete Newdeck known from Εden’s Curse and Newman. On guitars we have Ian Nash from Steve Grimmet and Lionsheart and the new member of Tainted Nation, Joel Peters. Last but not least, Pontus Egberg on bass,whom I have witnessed live in 2009 in Firefest Festival with the Swedes ,The Poodles. Every one of them is an exceptional musician and the result can’t go wrong.

Their 2nd album has many nu metal moments but they still keep the hard rock style in many of the songs. The band is obviously more advanced than their first album F.E.A.R and you can feel it by listening to the “Dive And Die” and “On The Outside”.

The well known hard rock singer ISSA, accompanies Pete Newdeck in the “Pulling Me Under” song with great success. Although I am not a fan of ISSA, this specific song suits her just right and unfolds her soprano vocal range.

“On The Outside” is a distinctive album that covers many musical tastes. It’s a really notable effort from Tainted Nation and I truly wish them the best of luck. We will be expecting the 3rd one!