In the recent interview who gave to Jimmy Kay for Metal Voice Michael Schenker revealed that Akira Takasaki (Loudness) and singer Ronnie Romero (for the so-called Rainbow) will contribute to his new album, “Revelation”, which is out on August 23rd via Nuclear Blast. Romero will be singing one song, while Takasaki plays guitar on “We Are The Voice”, a bonus track for the Japanese version of the album. The four singers Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley, Doogie White are featured again and after the sudden death of Ted McKenna, two familiar faces will seat on the drum stool. Simon Phillips, who played on the band’s debut, and Bodo Shopf, who contributed on  “Perfect Timing” and “Save Yourself”, while he will also be the band’s drummer for the US tour. The album was produced by Schenker and Michael Voss.