Tank – Valley Of Tears


In 2007, the legendary British metal band Tank split in two parts. Bass player and singer Algy Ward went down his own and lonely road presenting a one man band version of Tank while guitar players Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans formed a regular and fully functioning band the third album of which is presented here. War Machine emerged in 2010 much to my surprise since the Motorhead oriented heavy metal of the band was replaced by excellent heavy power metal with lots of melody in it and Doogie White (ex Rainbow) on vocal duties. War Nation that followed in 2012 just confirmed and solidified the change of direction attempted by Tucker and Evans. And here we are with Valley of Tears three years later. A critical point since there are many line-up changes with the most important one being on the vocal department. Doogie White stepped down and was replaced by ZP Theart, the original Dragonforce vocalist. Maybe a strange choice at first but the outcome justified the selection since his voice matched the songs which remain loyal to the path carved by the two previous albums. Another successful release for Tank. Quality material that might not contain hit songs but calls for consecutive spins.