In a recent interview on Top Link Music, Tarja Turunen talked about the possibility of reuniting with her old bandmates in Nightwish.

Specifically, the question was if she would consider to return to the band for a tour, provided that her bandmates apologized for kicking her out on Nightwish 17 years ago.

“It is very, very hypothetical that all what you said will happen, first of all — it’s very, very hypothetical.

“I’m living in a world, like we are all living in a world, that things happen without us noticing,” she continued. “I mean, I can’t really close any doors in that sense; I’m not that kind of person any longer. I learned so many things in this life already. I take them as they are.

“So I don’t know. It would be very hypothetically possible,” she added. “It would be unlikely to happen.”