Outspoken conservative rocker Ted Nugent claims that Facebook is “lying” about the number of his followers on the popular social media platform, insisting that he has more than seven times the fans than the officially reported figure. Nugent currently has three million and three hundred thousand Facebook followers — a respectable statistic compared to the number of Facebook fans attracted by most other rock artists.
But the musician, who has been described by some as a right-wing lunatic with a soft spot for conspiracy theories and a knack for off-color humor, believes that Facebook is intentionally underreporting the number of users of the social media juggernaut who regularly flock to his Facebook page.
Speaking to Doug Podell of Detroit’s radio station 94.7 WCSX, Nugent said: “Right now, Facebook claims that I have three and a half million Facebookers. I’ve got people deep, deep into government Internet security that admit that Facebook is lying. I have over twenty-five million Facebookers.”