Temtris - Ritual Warfare

This is a praiseworthy sample of classic heavy metal with majestic female vocals from Australia.

On their 6th album Temtris show their powers with songs that balance between the classic bands we all love plus some modern elements, as well as thrash metal touches. What dominates is melodies, as well as, Genn Rodda’s super-powerful, super-clear voice. Imagine a female Ronnie James Dio! The closest voice to hers I could think of while listening their amazing delivery on the album was Leather Leone’s.

Temtris sound at the top of their game, totally devoted to their music and songs. The development of the compositions shows their experience and talent to write good songs, most of which stick to your brain. The guitar work is very well crafted with imagination and impressive solos. My only complaint is that the production at some points leaves the vocals a bit low in the mix. In general, if you are into traditional heavy metal you will like this album and maybe discover a cool band to follow.