PRESS RELEASE: Frontiers Music srl is excited to announce the newly signed partnership with the band Ten for the release of a new studio album in 2017. In addition, the label acquired the band’s full catalogue and will plan special releases in both physical and digital formats.
In April 1998, Frontiers Records released it first international release ever, that was from Ten and the album was the band’s official live album, “Never Say Goodbye”. That release paved the way for more successful releases, both for the label and the band.
Ten was also the very first band for Frontiers to make a dent in the national album charts. That happened with the band’s fourth studio album, “Spellbound” which landed at #100 on the official album charts in Germany.
That record remains the band’s most successful release and part of a catalog including classy Melodic Hard Rock masterpieces such as “The Name of The Rose”, “Babylon” and the awesome debut album, “X”. With a sound rooted in traditional British Hard Rock (think Whitesnake, Rainbow and UFO) and elements of American Arena Rock, Ten are now stronger than ever. As proof of this, the band’s latest lyric video for “The Dragon And Saint George” will be showcased at SXSW Film, Interactive media and Music Festival at Austin, TX on the 18th and 19th of March – the video of which you can enjoy below.
Singer and songwriter Gary Hughes says: “We are proud to return to Frontiers for a multi album deal that will secure both future and past legacies. It is a particularly poignant return, in that it brings Ten home to the label which began 20 years ago, releasing the Ten double live album ‘Never Say Goodbye’. The new studio album, that is to be recorded this year, promises to bear all the commercial trade marks of classic Ten with plenty of power too. In addition, Frontiers plans to reissue the entire Ten anthology in a 14 disc box set to be entitle ‘Opera Omnia’ , the Latin phrase for Complete Works. Ten are returning home in many ways and the future longevity of the band and it’s songs, is preserved for this new chapter in the bands ever evolving history”.