Ten is definitely one of the hardest working bands in the hard rock world and its mastermind Gary Hughes must be one of the last prolific songwriters that continues to deliver qualitative studio efforts on a regular basis. So, only a few months after the release of the astonishing “Isla De Muerta”, Ten adds yet another sonic diamond in its illustrious catalogue with the EP “The Dragon And Saint George”.

Out of the 6 songs that are included on this release, we are treated with three unreleased tracks and three that were available in “Albion” and “Isla De Muerta”. The first unreleased cut is “Musketeers – Soldiers Of The King” that –more or less- follows the same path as “Isla De Muerta” by combining the ever familiar pomp-rock atmosphere of Ten with the epic style that is so predominant in the latest releases by the British band. “Is There Anyone With Sense” brings in mind the early days of the band as it provides an old school AOR approach that was so evident in the first three or four records of Ten. Personally, I really miss this type of songs by Gary Hughes. Last but certainly not least is the song “The Prodigal Saviour” with its haunting rhythm section which is an absolute highlight of this EP. For the record, the rest of the EP is completed by the songs “Albion Born”, “We Can Be As One” and “The Dragon And Saint George”.

In a time and age where the music industry is dying, there are some few notable exceptions where the quality is harmonically blended with the quantity for the sheer excitement of all the melodic rock fans around the world. Ten is such a shining and remarkable exception!
Highlight: The EP is also released as a 12’’ picture disc with a bonus song with a title that Meat Loaf would be so jealous of: “Good God In Heaven What Hell Is This”.