We all enjoy live concerts of big names but from time to time we must support the underground scene too. The entrance fee is low (the price of a beer) and it usually pays you back with some good music of bands that try to make their first steps.

It was a Sunday rainy night when I decided to visit Intrepid Fox to see three Athenian metal bands. Doors opened at 20:00 but we had to wait almost two hours until we see the first band on stage which postponed the program for no reason.


“Ghost tales, blood pacts and glimmering lights”   

GRUDGE AS MONSTER was the first band and actually this was their first ever live appearance. Although a bit stressed they were very energetic and managed to share some of this energy with the audience. Modern aggressive metal, they played three songs (yet unrecorded) closing their show with a cover version of “omerta” (Lamb of God), an obvious influence for the band. Chris Tsiouras (Ars Goetia) was on bass since their own bassist is doing his military service.

setlist: Graffiti house, Clay soil, Wreck, Omerta(-Lamb of God cover)


“Time freezes again”

Next band was GRIP ON REALITY. Change of mood, different music style (something between alternative rock and metal), more atmospheric sound, variation in tempo (and good bass by Alex) and some nice vocal lines by Dimitris. Most tracks were based on the last year’s demo EP along with some yet unreleased ones. I think they are ready for the next big step and get in the studio for their first official release. The warm applause by the fans must have been a good motive for them.

Vocals, Guitar – Dimitris Nitsios/ Guitar – George Petro Γιώργος Πετρό/ Bass Guitar – Alex Skamagas / Drums – Vasilis Milas Βασίλης Μήλας

setlist: Exile / Silence / Thorn in time / Lament of Heracles / Monotony / Western Front


Last band for the night was TETRACTYS that unfortunately fell victims of the delays (almost half of the audience had to leave to catch the last metro). It’s a pity though because the band was in great mood, many heads started to move with their groove metal. Most of their songs were unknown to me (apart from “1312”) since almost all of them were from their upcoming album “Tribal” (it will be released on december 13 by Sleaszy Rider Records)

Sotiris Alevizos – Vocals | Kimonas Alexis – Guitars | Kiriakos Andreou – Guitars | Nikolas Panailidis – Bass |  Alex Pyknis – Drums

setlist: Prayer (intro), swallow the sun, the name of your god, mighty blue, cold, 1312, screams, right now (Korn cover), wolves, το the storm

® live report/photographs: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos