The six-piece from Holland is back with their forth album. For those of you not into their music, it’s something of a puzzle… a filter of several different sounds. One could say they feature Progressive elements and Core elements; we get to listen to growling vocals and a few minutes later they are so crystal… They play difficult stuff, they sound different, “outside” the ordinary. I’d say it’s something like the European answer to The Mars Volta… But then again… I don’t really know, them guys play all sorts of music. At one point voices drive you to Metalcore, then they create melodies which make you wonder… “Is it the same band”? It’s like “Reaching home”, their first single off the album; the boys have also done a video for this song. I think you should watch the video; it is spectacular and totally different than the other “conventional” videos. “Sanguine draws the oath” is next, a song containing the works. Metal, blasts, screams, speed, double bass drumming.
The band is extremely polymorphic; I don’t think that many listeners would remain indifferent. Naturally, I don’t have a clue how many would follow, that’s an entirely different issue. Even screams can be intriguing as they appear at the right time. The bass drum and bass syncing is tremendous, we are talking about supertechnical musicians… Those drums are dreamy. Listening to “Singularity” now… Maan… This is pointing directly to Progressive megabands. I’m really glad that incredibly gifted people decide to act not the usual way.