The Amorettes – Game On


I’m very pleased to see new bands have bearing the rock and roll feeling in their music.  Without any complicated sounds, expensive production or the well-known polished mastering, they have the ability to communicate their music to the listener having as a weapon their very good songs and an enviable aggressiveness in their playing. Unfortunately, these bands are very few. One of these is The Amorettes, three young girls from Scotland who have started to rock the boat for good in Great Britain.

“Game On” is their second album and it’s really exciting. It has got an amazing live feeling that runs through the entire album and a dynamic which I haven’t seen for many years now. Their music is clearly influenced by the sound of Girlschool and the more contemporary of The Donnas. Their heavy rock and roll makes you imagine these girls on stage tearing it up! It’s hard for me to single out some songs from this album, since they are all very good. With great difficulty I will mention “Get What’s Coming”, “Hot And Heavy”, “Heartbreaker”, and “Shoot From The Hip”. All ten songs of “Game On” make a very strong album and a promise for even better things in the future.

I am full of enthusiasm about this album and I really believe it’s essential for the friends of this music to buy “Game On”.