The Blackmail Snaps – When One Door Closes, Smash A Window


What we have here is a notable debut from a British trio. Blackmail Snaps, with their maiden album, δελιωερ at first a punk aesthetics which is probably due to the record’s production. It’s a mixture of 80’s punk rock and metal riffs with a bit of Saxon, UFO as well as Twisted Sister.

This combination may sound a little weird; the truth is that even though this album seems a little common in the beginning, after some spins someone can find some very interesting elements from different music paths. The general image of the album is certainly of British …color and quite aggressive.

From a total of ten songs, I will certainly single out “Circle” and “Shadows Cast” for their air play potential  they have and for that they are easy to memorize compositions, something that  helps the audience to trust them.

I think that the first step of The Blackmail Snaps was successful and that it would be very interesting to keep up with the progress of the band in a very difficult kind of music for our times.