Simple, full and gutsy punk is what the Bullet Kings are all about, who as you might easily understand come from Great Britain. They don’t have a large discography, as no matter how much I searched I couldn’t find a lot more than a couple of full length albums. But, apart from the thousands of gigs that they must have played, they have released several singles on coloured vinyl.
One more characteristic of the band is their ferocious energy when the three of them play. Most of their songs are self-descriptive, while their simplicity and directivity win the listener effortlessly. It’s rather that every generation of British punk has left its scars on the band, as well as the Ramones, and the Misfits.
The album’s virtues are enough that someone can ignore the rough production, that reminds a demo, possibly on purpose. What counts is that this CD is enjoyable, it will make you crank the volume, and give you endless moments of sheer excitement, and restless headbanging!